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The Respect Crisis

August 15, 2013

The following letter has been submitted to the media:

When I was eased out of my position as chair of Bradford South Constituency Labour Party because of my fund-raising for Ken Livingstone, I vowed that I would not join any other political party. But when I saw the enthusiasm with which Respect’s campaign in the local elections was greeted by the general population, I joined, because I saw a genuine chance to change the face of Bradford politics.

At a post-election meeting I proposed that the party start preparing for the 2014 elections immediately by selecting candidates, and a meeting of members unanimously approved my proposals. Nothing happened.

In January, I started a Revive Respect blog ( and a Facebook group, proposing the party hold a membership drive.

It is unfortunate that the current crisis in Respect’s council representation relates to a criticism of George Galloway, MP, because there is a faction in the party who seem to see it as his personal fiefdom. He is perfectly entitled to seek to be Mayor of London, and unless a selection meeting has been called to endorse this, it is perfectly permissible for any member to criticise him for that.

No one in any democratic party should be above the law.

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